Growing Hemp in 2020

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February 10, 2020
Building Alberta’s Hemp Industry
May 22, 2020

It's A Great Year to Grow Hemp!

Spring in the Alberta HUB region has come a little late this year and many farmers still need to get their 2019 crops off the field. The last week or so has provides us with some much-needed sunshine and warm weather, but many farmers are concerned about tight timelines for seeding their 2020 crops.

“Hemp is a good option for a later seeded crop for this year,” explained Cam Parson, CRHC’s Head Agronomist. “Farmers can seed hemp for fibre in late May - early June, making it an ideal crop considering our late spring and poor harvesting conditions last year that have left many farmers harvesting 2019 crops this spring”.

We are still contracting farmers to grow hemp fibre for us in 2020 and are also contracting farmers for their hemp straw if they are growing hemp for seed or CBD.

New to growing hemp?

Not a problem, growing hemp is an easy and profitable crop, with growing practices similar to growing hay. Growing hemp for CRHC means that you do not need any special equipment, you seed it and we will do the rest – cut, rake, bale and stack.

After the poor harvest conditions last year, growing hemp may be even more appealing because of its early harvest date (mid-August) plus the fact there is no need to worry about combining or drying.

Growing hemp this year will also help you combat clubroot by increasing the length of time between growing canola.

CRHC also provides our farmers with in-season agronomy and crop scouting to support you growing this new crop. This includes a farm consultation with soil testing, farm management and nutrient recommendations for your 2020 hemp crop.

Growing hemp in Canada does require a licence from Health Canada. This is a simple application process that can be completed online and costs approximately $20. CRHC can help you to complete this application.

Thinking about growing hemp this year but not 100% decided?

We recommend applying for the licence anyways, Health Canada can take up to 60 days to process application and having this licence will leave your options open for this growing season.


We are always here to answer farmer’s questions about growing hemp. We available to chat with farmers, break down contract details and provide more information about payment levels, seeding rates, fertility package, growing organic and much more.

Contact CRHC’s head agronomist, Cam Parsons to find out how growing hemp this year is a great option for your farm.

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